We support you to understand the health needs of your population, and embed prevention across the health and care setting. We know that transformational change requires action at different levels, so we work in partnership with you, across these levels and structures: with staff and teams delivering care; departments; organisations; and across the health and care system. Our approach is flexible, depending on the needs of your organisation or health and care system.

We provide expert public health advice, to support you to understand the health needs of your population, evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, and the implications for change in healthcare provision. This may include:
• Interpretation of the population’s health needs, with implications for services.
• Review of service equity (Health Equity Audit).
• Collect, collate, interpret and present the evidence to change behaviour and improve health.
• Identify evidence based, cost effective options to meet gaps in need.
• Care pathway review and development.
• Programme evaluations and audits

We work with you to develop the population health skills, knowledge and confidence of your workforce, through teaching, training, coaching and facilitation.
• Identifying and interpreting population level and service data.
• Embedding behaviour change skills (Making Every Contact Count, Shared Decision Making).
• Critical appraisal of the evidence and implications for clinical practice.

We support you to work across the health and care system, working collaboratively with partners. We aim to share our behaviour change, change management, quality improvement and public health knowledge and skills, to facilitate sustained improvements in health services.
• Developing and implementing your population and prevention strategy.
• Embedding a prevention culture throughout your organisation.
• Working with clinical teams to clarify their role in prevention and embed within care pathways
• Implementing a holistic approach to staff health and well-being

Recent work includes:

– Evaluation of the sustainability and impact of the Improving Global Health Fellowship for Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy

– A range of evidence reviews

– Leading the “Enabling Change for Health Improvement” module for the University of Southampton’s MSc in Public Health

– Nutritional advice for a weight management tool

– Training, advice and support to healthcare providers on health equity audit

– Work to embed Public Health into healthcare professionals training